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Swytch eBike Conversion Kit

With the Swytch Kit, you can turn the bike you love electric at a fraction of the cost of an eBike.

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Lithium-ion Battery, up to 380Wh capacity
250W Front Motor Wheel
Rim & Disc brake compatible
Top speed 15mph (UK & EU) / 20mph (USA)
Available for all wheel sizes

What is included?

In the box

The Swytch Kit comes complete with everything you need to convert your bike electric, including a battery, charger, pedal sensor, motor wheel, and more

Power pack

Power Pack

Lightweight, handlebar mounted

The AIR power pack simply clips onto the handlebars via mount provided (which fits ANY handlebars), and can be instantly attached or removed providing discreet and lightweight power as you ride.

  • Instantly removable
  • Lightweight (700g)
  • Fast charge (1 hour)
  • Up to 20 miles range (MAX battery upgrade)

Power Pack

Long range, frame-mounted.

The frame-mounted GO power pack fits anywhere on your frame via a set of velcro straps, has just a single cable to plug in, and provides up to 380Wh of battery capacity ( GO++ upgrade version, approx. 60 miles range).

  • Single cable to plug in
  • Added weight 2kg
  • Easy to fit anywhere on your frame
  • Multiple battery options, from 180Wh to 380Wh capacity

LED Display

Optional Extra

LED Display

Optional Extra

Upgrade to our LED or OLED display to view battery level, unlock settings, and up to 5 power levels.

Front motor wheel

Front Motor Wheel

Pedal assist power

Made to perfectly fit your bike, and provides 40nm of torque to boost your ride. High-torque motor wheel with no drag so you can cruise freely with the Power Pack on or off.

  • UK / EU: 15mph Top Speed
  • Rim & Disc brake compatible
  • 250W Motor Power
  • 40Nm of torque to beat any hill

Pedal sensor

Pedal sensor

Just click the 2-part magnet disc onto your pedals, and stick the sensor to the frame to detect when you are pedalling.

2A Charger


Top up 10 miles in 1 hour

The Swytch 2A charger can top up your battery by 10 miles range for every hour of charging time.

Up to 60 miles range

Power Pack options

All three of our GO power pack options are the same size, but with different specifications and quantities of lithium cells inside, providing three different range options to choose from.

  • 20 miles range

  • 700g weigh

  • 1-2 hours charge time

  • 40 miles range

  • 700g weight

  • 2-3 hours charge time

  • 60 miles range

  • 700g weight

  • 3-4 hours charge time

Up to 20 miles range

Power Pack options

The award winning AIR power pack has 10 miles range on one charge. For longer journeys, upgrade to the MAX with 20 miles, or simply back an extra battery!

  • 10 miles range

  • 700g weigh

  • 1-2 hours charge time

  • 20 miles range

  • 700g weight

  • 1-2 hours charge time

Best seller

Bottle Cage Adapter

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