Cycling in the Rain: What to Wear and How to Stay Safe

With wet weather upon us, you may be considering locking your eBike away for the next few months. The truth is, that by following some simple tips, you can make cycling in the rain both safe and fun. Read on to learn how to make the most of your electric bike in the rain.

As a cyclist, the great British weather can often be a little daunting. As much as we may love our eBikes, who really wants to spend their time getting cold and wet? Cycling in the rain certainly doesn’t hold the greatest appeal.

We don’t want to see you leaving an expensive piece of kit locked up for half of the year. That’s why we have put together this guide so that you can get the most out of your electric bike in the rain. Learn how to stay safe and dry, and even protect your eBike too.

Preparing before you set out 

Part of staying safe while cycling in the rain is making sure that your eBike is in great condition before you set off. One of the main things to check here is the condition of your tyres. It is, after all, these that are going to keep you upright around slippery corners.

It’s well worth lowering your tyre pressure before taking your electric bike out in the rain. Doing this will increase the surface area and see them gripping the road that much better. If it is both cold and wet, you will find that a tyre with a thicker tread is what will give you the best ride.

Keeping your saddle dry while cycling in the rain

One of the worst parts of taking your electric bike in the rain is the risk of a wet behind. When this part of you gets wet, not only does it get cold, but it also gets sore. If you let your seat get wet you can be sure that you’ll be experiencing saddle sores. 

There are easy steps that you can take to keep your saddle dry. Simply turning your eBike over when you are not riding will stop the rain from landing on it. Even something as simple as a carrier bag over your seat will keep it dry before you start to ride. 

Light your bike up

The days get shorter as winter is upon us and we can soon find ourselves being caught out in the dark. When you throw rain into the mix, it’s easy to find yourself lacking visibility and putting yourself at risk. Ensuring that you have lights can make cycling in the rain a whole lot safer.

You need to make sure that you have lights at both the front and back of your eBike. This allows you to see where you are going as well as make you visible to any traffic that is behind you. If you are riding in the dark, then the Highway Code states that lights are a must. 

Focus on your clothing

Perhaps one of the biggest considerations when cycling in the rain is keeping yourself dry. As soon as you start to get wet it soon follows that you feel cold. Suddenly, all of the enjoyment has been sapped from your ride and all that you can focus on is getting home.

Here’s a look at the basics you need, in terms of clothing, so that you can still enjoy riding your electric bike in rain:

Waterproof jacket

One of the most important items of clothing to consider, a waterproof jacket is a must. This will help protect you from the rainfall and the spray from the road.

Keep your head warm

While your helmet provides great protection, it doesn’t keep you warm. A cycling cap underneath will help to keep your head dry as well as retain some heat. 

Consider your vision 

We will all consider sunglasses when it is bright, but we also need protection when it is raining. Cycle glasses can help to protect your eyes from any spray.

Hands and feet

You will need gloves that keep your hands warm but also gives you the ability to feel your bike still. You will also want to invest in waterproof footwear to keep your feet dry and warm.

After cycling in the rain

When you have finished your cycling in the rain, it’s then time to take care of your eBike and yourself. You'll want to get changed and warmed up as soon as possible. Ditching wet clothing is a must. Then it is time to focus on your eBike.

By taking the time to clean and dry your eBike, you will prevent any damage from being caused. Taking the time to keep your eBike in great condition will see you enjoying your cycling for years to come. 

Written by @lulu on October 11, 2022