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"Swytch’s new conversion kit includes a 700g, smartphone-sized battery that will electrify any bike"
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"Swytch Bike sells a DIY e-bike conversion kit complete with motorized wheel and battery pack. The startup can barely keep them in stock."
"The Swytch offers a way to try out the e-bike concept on a bike you already own, without jumping through a lot of hoops"
"The bottom line is that once converted, it's just a really good eBike. I've ridden a lot of eBikes at this point and the Swytch kit is my favourite."
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"Paired with the right bike the Swytch is one of the best city bike electric bikes on the market."
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"New, lighter version of the Swytch battery and mount make this already great e-bike conversion kit even better"
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GO Kit Customer Reviews

Oliver Dudok van Heel
This Swytch bike is brilliant. I had bought one before and was very happy with it, and was very pleased to see that they had introduced the Swytch GO…
Delivery was a little longer than originally expected as the team were ensuring their new Go+ units met their standards. However, in the end I didn't mind the slightly…
Kevin Pascoe
I live at the bottom of a steep hill and it's a struggle to get my bike up it in my slightly advanced age. The Swytch Go is fantastic.…
Kit arrived and was relatively easy to install. All the parts fitted well and the wheel and spacers fitted perfectly. Once put together, the cables were routed and the…
4.8 product rating

AIR Kit Customer Reviews

Ease of use - simple and it works! I have however not really understood how I order spare parts.
David Polo
The kit works very well. It helps you enjoy your ride, and “enters” softly, you don’t even notice the electric help. It’s not a 5 star rating ( for me…
Hi from Ontario, Canada! I am leaving this review hoping it may help any trikers. I bought Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Bike and Swytch for my son but he did…
Ken & Kim Voo
Swytch bike has eliminated the hills and wind of New Zealand that makes biking a challenge. We are motivated to go out riding heaps more now knowing we can enjoy…
Kevin Dempsey
The swytch kit has worked well on my Brompton, though I did have some teething issues at the beginning, but they appear to be all resolved. However trying to get…
very good battery. small and easy to install,recharge and carry around. had some little issues installing it (my fault) and the support team helped me out in no second. good…
Bought the Swytch kit for my wife so she could keep up with me. She loves it for the exercise, especially because you must be peddling for e-assist to function.…
This was a great way to convert your bike to an e-bike. When the order arrived it was very simple to install on my existing bike and was using it…
Richard Harris ( ex bike mechanic)
Difficult to fit to make work on a BB30 bottom bracket bike ( need an FSA insert shell and a cartridge bottom bracket) but can work no problem once thought…
Paul Imbusch
Six months in and still working like a dream. The customer care was amazing. The team were super helpful to answer all my questions without delay. An amazing product and…
I love it- like cycling but without all the boring bits! Super-easy to set up too. The only issue is the battery - I have a 15 mile ride to…
Love what it did to my bike makes all journeys pleasurable and so much more efficient - rarely use my car in the city any more I do wish the…
Paul, in WA USA
I really like how compact the battery system it, how easy it is to charge up and how the Swytch bike really helps assist my ride, especially on the hills…
Daniele Z
E-Brompton with Swytch kit: commuting is no longer the same First of all, I was surprised (Note: it's my first experience with an e-bike) by the acceleration power of the…
Kit has exceeded my expectations. Installation experience was acceptable, and the power and assist has been amazing. Completely changed my biking experience. We were missing one part (battery dongle) upon…
I wanted to keep my old Norco Monterey, the first bike I bought in Canada. Installing the kit on it was fairly easy. The key was making sure that the…
Roman Zajac
Easy to convert e-bike kit . Reasonable short distance drive assist with easy charging and easy battery swap.
I was delighted with my Swytch kit which I received in Jan 2023. Packing and fitting instructions were excellent and I found it relatively easy to install having been used…
Mark Crawford
The max battery kit works well with my full suspension MTB , off road or a more leisurely on road ride. Nice and lightweight and doesn’t get disturbed or rattled…
It works very well, especially now that I have the superior 'Mode' unit, which allows me to power down as well as up, and thus extends the range of the…
4.8 product rating

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Previous Generation Kit Reviews

"If you have a bike you love and don’t want to give up...then Swytch could be just the thing."
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"If you're in the market for an ebike and you have a decent standard bike already, it's worth considering the Swytch"
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"All in all, you can get going in under an hour. It’s well priced, especially compared to a new electric bike, and if you already own a good bike it means you don’t have to find the storage space for a second bike just for commuting."
"...a five-year-old British company claims that its kit can turn any bike into a state-of-the-art electric bike...1 in 14 new ebikes in the UK are now powered by its Kits."
"I’m here to tell you about the Swytch bike and why I think it beats the competition, hands down."