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Conversion Kit

Folding eBike Conversion Kit

The Swytch Kit can convert almost every bike, including folding bikes like Brompton. If you don’t see your wheel size you can select our hub-only option and get a wheel built up at your nearest Swytch partner store.

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Lithium-ion Battery, up to 380Wh capacity
250W Front Motor Wheel
Rim & Disc brake compatible
Top speed 15mph (UK & EU) / 20mph (USA)
Available for folding bike wheel sizes


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Customer review

Seif's Brompton

Say hello to Seif Abdelsalaam from London! He finds his Brompton A-Line very convenient so he converted it to electric with Swytch Folding Kit. Now he can easily overcome any hill. What's more, with our compact kit, he can still use the folding feature of his bike. His four-legged companion Lila enjoys Swytch Kit rides and we're sure you would too!

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My Brompton




How it works


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How it works

Just start pedalling, and the power kicks in!

Power Pack

Containing a motor controller, and advanced lithium ion battery with up to 20 miles range. It connects to the front motor wheel and pedal sensor via a single cable harness that plugs in to the side.

Pedal sensor

Detects you pedalling, sending power to the motor wheel.

Motor wheel

250W motor to pull you up even the steepest hills.


Add the optional LED display to your Kit to unlock extra power modes, track your battery level, plus turn the power off while riding.

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How do I fit it

Turn your folding bike electric

Over 80,000 people world-wide have already converted their bike electric with Swytch - watch our video to see just how simple it is to install.

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We have a range of accessories that our folding bike customers love, here are just a few…


OLED Display

Take your Kit to the next level with our premium OLED display, which brings you all the standard LED display features as well as information on distance travelled. Plus you’ll get control over top speed (refer to local laws) and wheel size (when swapping between bikes)!


Thumb Throttle

Fits to your handlebars and provides an instant power boost at the flick of your thumb. (For off-road if used in UK)


Bro Block for AIR/MAX

The folding bike mount block fits to the luggage mount of your Brompton and other folding bikes, allowing you to place your Power Pack lower down to give a more balanced riding experience and seamless fold.


Swytch T-Shirt

Upgrade your wardrobe with your very own Swytch Tshirt. It is both comfy and stylish, perfect for a sunny ride.


Customer reviews

My purchase was a little bit of a reluctant one for me and a must from my wife’s perspective. I didn’t want it so that I wouldn’t depend on it…
I have a Tern BYB S11 folding bike (for easy carriage on trains and comfortable to ride) and have adapted the Swytch fitting by removing the handle bar attachment from…
Michael Willmot
We started on the first of our two Bromptons. The kit arrived on time, and all the parts were also there! Installation was a breeze with the documentation provided on…
Emmanuel Davidson
I love it! My swych kit has brought the “Wee!” back into bicycling. I installed it on my ZiZZO Urbana folding bike. Installation was a little confusing but with a…
Jenny Hook
Really pleased with the latest Swytch kit installation on my Brompton. It took about 30mins to install, carefully, and has given me a much needed blast of power ever since.…
Matt Stears
The Swytch kit is amazing! I don't even't think twice about my commute now because it is so enjoyable. The team are great - I had an accident which meant…
Some parts were awkward to fit. My Brompton dates from 2001 so fitting the front wheel needed the torque washers modifying. End result though is excellent. Customer service was good…
Dahon Mariner Owner: I have the Swytch Max Kit and it works great for NYC riders! However, the Swytch mount on my handlebar is making my foldable bike unfoldable. I…
The perfect answer for my lightweight folding bike! I had struggled to make the hills before and thought I would only be using the bike around campgrounds and flat trails.…
Overall, I am really pleased with my Brompton Pro Swytch kit. Like many there was a slight delay in delivery due to the surge in demand for ebikes but this…
Excellent kit, great service with a few probs I had, but solved super quick! Thanks guys.
Mike Henry
There was a long wait, bad luck to order during Covid19 outbreak, and their communication during this period was not good. When the kit arrived I was impressed and the…
Leonard Smith
I received the Swytch conversion kit for my Brompton 6 months after ordering. This wasn’t a problems as I expected a long wait as that’s how their business model is…
Stuart Garner
My experience of Swytch is that they have a good solid product and excellent support and after sales service for the product. the Kits are easy to install plus any…
Jon Waddy
I'm the one of Swytch royalty customers from 2018 .We called "Swytchers".I'm so luckly to have this kit,i ride it to work everyday until now.Approx 2300 Miles no any problem…
Jevon Huang
After much research I ordered two Swytch kits (pro) for our two Bromptons. I ordered in March 2020 and the kits duly arrived in December 2020. Nine months, but to…
Lee Sibley
Very pleased with my Swytch kit so far. It was easy to install on my MoultonTSR Alfine 11 which I use for day rides in the country and local fitness…
Mark West
After a lengthy Covid-induced wait, got my Swytch conversion fitted to my Brompton in about an hour or so. The only bit that takes real care and improvisation as all…
Chris Green
I ordered the Brompton kit in May this year, this to fit on my Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike and despite the various problems caused by Covid 19 the kit arrived…
John Megoran
I own the original Brompton Swytch kit and now the Brompton Swytch Pro Kit. Their designers and engineers took feedback from the original kit to make refinements that made the…
James Leung
I ordered my Brompton Swytch Kit during the Indigogo crowdfunding campaign and was delighted to receive it in November 2020. Fitting the kit was easy and the installation instructions and…
Lynne Barnes
Took a while to arrive, but was good value for money. Kieran in support was a great help via email & video call when one component was found to be…
Oliver Vessey
Just got the Swytch PRO Kit for my Brompton, installed it, and had a test ride. I have to say I Love it ! It's a good option to upgrade…
Candra Samekto
Swytch team & Owners , Have a wonderful festive season ahead !
K.C. Au Yeong
I've had a Swytch Kit on my Brompton since February 2019 and, having ridden thousands of miles with it, I have to say I love it! The latest Pro power…
Richard Jones
After all the wait and fuss was it worth it. OH YES i feel like a kid again. Darth Brompton loves his upgrade also.
Nigel Green
This kit makes a Brompton sooo much better. Super portable but far less tiring. Absolutely loving it! Highly recommend!
Adam Bishop
Great idea to build an aftermarket kit to convert any bike, including Brompton's to electric. So good in fact I ordered two kits as we have two very old (1999)…
Terry WEbb
I received a beta kit for a folding bike with 20" wheels. Going up hills is *so* much easier! The kit was easy to fit, did it in one evening.…
This system is simple in concept and easy to apply to any bicycle allowing quick conversion. The instructions were great and there is plenty of support online and via YouTube.…


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