How it works

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Here's how it all works

The Swytch Kit is designed to be super simple to use, but deploys cutting-edge eBike technology to give you the best possible riding experience.

How does it work?

The Swytch Kit components


Power Pack

The pocket-sized Power Pack may be compact, but it packs a punch. With up to 250Wh, it’ll last you up to 30km, and charges in as little as 1 hour. The sleek, lightweight design outperforms most eBikes on the market when it comes to power and efficiency.


Handlebar Mount

Attach (or remove!) your Power Pack in seconds with the quick-release handlebar mount. Although usually secured onto the handlebars, our mount can be fitted to almost any part of your bike, from the seat-post to the downtube. The mount is responsible for sending power to the motor. Inside it you’ll find the controller which is used to adjust the power coming from the motor to give you the best possible riding experience.


Pedal Sensor

The kit is a pedal-assist system, meaning you just pedal as normal and the kit sends power to the motor. Your pedalling is detected by the pedal sensor which sends a signal to the controller. The sensor is designed with a 12-magnet cadence to make your ride smooth and steady.


Hub Motor Wheel

Each kit comes with a bespoke wheel built to replace your front wheel. Inside is the motor which powers the wheel. With the brushless technology, you’ll notice no resistance while you’re out on the road – even if you’re riding with the Power Pack switched off. Rated for 40Nm, it has enough pulling power to drag the average adult up a 30% incline with light pedalling.