Best cycling helmets for kids

With more families heading out on bike rides than ever before, parents can find it a bit difficult to persuade little ones to wear a helmet. However, it is vitally important that they do. Finding the right cycling helmets for kids can be tricky, but not wearing a helmet puts children at risk of serious injury should they fall.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best cycling helmets for kids. These helmets will not only keep them safe, but they’ll want to wear them too!

Bern Children's Bandito Eps Matte Logo Kids Cycling Helmet

If your kid is concerned about looking uncool in a cycle helmet, then turn to the Bern Bandito. It's one of the coolest designs you’ll find. It comes in matte black with a camo brand logo to the side. In terms of safety, it features a peak to keep the sun out of their eyes. Not only that; it also has a sink fit to cover the back of the head. The EPS foam inner with a tough ABS exterior will provide excellent shock absorption should a crash occur.

ALPINA Children's Radhelm Ximo Flash Helmet

The Alpina Radhelm screams safety. While Alpina may do a range of rather fetching character helmets like Frozen and Star Wars, the Radhelm offers the ultimate all-round safety package.

It has a 3-dimensional adjustment to the rear, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Plus it has 12 air vents for breathability. There are reflective strips down each side and, for added visibility, there is a red chevron to the rear which lights up. It also comes in a range of designs, some with cute cartoons.

Micro Children’s Deluxe Helmet

While Micro are better known for their scooters, they obviously know a thing or two about injury prevention. Their helmets are suitable for both scooters and bikes. Their Children’s Deluxe Helmet is a great option, and it looks cool, too.

It comes in a wide range of designs and colours and has a sizing dial with an integrated light at the back. The helmet is held in place by a pinch-free magnetic buckle so no tears before ride-time.

The best cycling helmets for kids

The market for children’s head protection is swamped with options, but these are some of the most well-respected names in bike safety. Don’t go for a helmet just because it is cheap. It may not give your child the correct level of protection and may actually do more harm than good.

Steven Knight

Written by @alex on October 5, 2020