What Bike Checks Should I Make Before a Ride?

Before you head out on a bike ride, there are a number of checks you should make. These all amount to bike safety, in the end, but several of them will also ensure that your bike is performing as it should.

If you need to know which checks to perform on a bike, then here are some pointers to ensure that you are checking the most important parts of your bike.

Brake Check

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your bike. You should ensure that they work properly before every ride. To do this, you should spin both wheels independently of each other, then apply the corresponding brake.

Also, ensure your brake pads are not worn down. When you apply the brake, both pads on either side of the wheel should make contact at the same time, and should only make contact with the wheel, never the tire.

Tyre Check

If your tyres are flat then this can impede the effectiveness of your pedaling. The flatter your tyres, the harder you’ll have to push the bike. Always ensure that your tyres are inflated to the recommended psi - you’ll find this embossed on the side of your tyre.

At the same time, never over-inflate your tyres. This makes them more susceptible to puncturing and that puncture could lead to a blowout that sends you tumbling.

Light Check

Your lights don’t just illuminate your path, they also act as a signal that you are on the road - particularly if you are cycling in the dark. Combined with your reflective gear, lights are a crucial addition to your bike.

Always check that your lights contain a full charge if you are going to need them on your ride. Also, make sure that they are positioned correctly and not obstructed by anything else.

Gear Check

If your bike is prone to locking in certain gears, then it might be time for some maintenance. Your gears should shift smoothly end evenly, both at the front and the back, depending on how many speeds your bike has.

It is a good idea to keep the rings and chain lubricated and, if you want a bit of a tip, oil the underside of your chain rather than the top. This will mean the oil works its way outwards into the rest of the chain, as you pedal.

Important Bike Checks

These are all important checks that should be carried out prior to any ride. They’ll ensure your ride is fun and safe, and will also help you maintain a healthy bicycle. That way, your bike should last you for years.

Steven Knight

Written by @alex on March 9, 2021