FORBES – “Swytch eBike Kit Converts Your Janky Regular Bike Into An eBike”

"Enter Swytch, a do-it-yourself eBike kit that converts your Walmart discount bike into a functioning eBike at a mildly lower cost."

[Written by Curtis Silver, Forbes Magazine]

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Published on 29th October"I purchased a $100 bike from Walmart. Then I handed both the bike and the Swytch to my 21 year-old son who doesn't have a driver's license and said "have at it".

Tech specs vary depending on the bike, but he had no problem hooking up the battery, the throttle and pedal sensors. While the Swytch works with all kinds of brake options (including disc brakes, you'd just move the disc to the Swytch wheel), the Walmart bike has standard brakes. While he did admit he put the wheel on backwards at first, I won't mention that here, again. The kit even comes with zip ties so you can secure dangling cables."Curtis' 21 year-old son gave us the following feedback:

  • The motor is very quiet with little to no noise on an empty street.
  • The throttle is very responsive with the motorized wheel.
  • The wheel takes a second to get going when starting from a stand still as well as with the wheel already in motion.
  • As a mode of transportation for around the city it’s very nice, just don’t run the throttle the entire time as it will drain the battery very quickly.

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Written by @alex on October 30, 2019