Swytch Technology Named on Startups 100 2020 lineup

The UK’s longest running index of disruptive new startups, the Startups 100, has released its 2020 lineup, and Swytch Technology has been listed at number 25.

Run by Startups.co.uk, the Startups 100 offers a showcase of new businesses which demonstrate innovation, solid financials, economic impact, and the ability to scale.

Swytch Technology produces the Swytch Kit which turns any bike into a state-of-the-art electric bike, for a fraction of the cost of a regular eBike. It consists of a lightweight hub motor wheel that replaces the original front wheel, and a power pack that fits to the handlebars. The total added weight is just 3kg, and the power pack fits into the palm of your hand, making this new system the smallest and lightest in the world. It provides 250W of power-assist for up to 50 km electric range, with a top speed of 15.5mph (EU) / 20mph (USA).

Swytch Technology's vision is to make transport more sustainable and accessible to everyone. Converting existing bikes to eBikes using a kit is significantly more environmentally friendly than building complete new eBikes; Swytch estimates the carbon footprint of building a brand new eBike is 300kg CO2e compared to just 40kg CO2e required to make one of their add-on electric bike kits.

Oliver Montague, CEO of Swytch Technology said; "It is very exciting for Swytch Technology to be recognised as one of the leading Start Up’s in the UK. Electric Bike technology like ours is really disrupting the electric transport industry, people are loving the freedom of choice they have in what transport methods they want to use. We are looking forward to reaching new audiences and launching new technology in the foreseeable future.”


Written by @alex on June 22, 2020